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Monday, January 23, 2012

Over 1,000 Hours In Content

Between the mixes, singles, TONS and TONS of videos. These links EASILY contain WAY more content than 1,000 hours. But, the title is an eye catcher and always love more new visitors. Make sure to use the search bar to the right on THIS site first. Most of the time, it's here. All styles of music, and or remixes from all times. And ALL audio files of mixes that I have done are downloadable. (At least 100 of my own) Hope you find what you are looking for and I occasionally take requests (if i have the time) so don't be shy. DJ Maze (The Dirty DJ) Las Vegas, NV USA

Maze Band Page
Please click here for more access to more mixes not listed (and hit the like button!)

THIS Blog that you are on right here (Duh)

Great site with ALL Podcasts CLICK HERE

Been around for a while but I just recently discovered it CLICK HERE

Recently gained in popularity after Soundcloud went to s**t CLICK HERE

Place I keep over 1300 videos and post them here (Only $3/month) CLICK HERE

Still don't quite understand how this site works but still cool CLICK HERE

Never kept much there anyways but good for musicians CLICK HERE

This was Groovebat before it was bought. Great for uploading your mixes! CLICK HERE

Soundowl (Maze's uploads)
For the hardcore listeners (Stuff I have never posted). Great remixes! CLICK HERE

And in the spirit of sharing (don't know what's about to happen with all this sharing stuff next).
The following are some old and some new links that are working at the time of this post. And have proven to be consistent with the quality and very useful to myself. And djs: if you can't find it, just MAKE it:

Great place for EPs and full versions of Remix packs:

And This One is Really Good:
Dance Music Remixed

Dubstep HERE

Dubstep Sample and Packs HERE

Free Breaks Blog
Best Breakbeat and Nu Funk site so far HERE

Digital Eargasm
Been Going To THIS Blog For at Least FIVE years HERE

This is a MUST join for EVERY style of music HERE

Hulk Share
But This Is The Latest And Greatest. Shhhh...Want It To Last! CLICK HERE

That's Enough For Now. Remember. Share the Love, and If It Loves You, Then Pay For It.

BONUS - Links to mixes All Playlisted and ALL Downloadable. Enjoy.

100 Mixes On One Page CLICK HERE

And Strictly ALL Podcasts (Easier on Mobiles and I-Stuff) CLICK HERE

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